Main Collection of Lake District and Cumbria Photos
The Collection is part of the extensive website HeritagePhotoArchive that also includes many unrecorded images from individuals, organsiations etc.
Lake District, Backbarrow Iron Works Collection
An important contemporary set of images of iron-making at Backbarrow in Cumbria. The area is internationally important for its association with so-called "Iron Mad Wilkinson", an 18th century ironmaster who greatly influenced the industrial revolution.
Lake District, Backbarrow, Low Wood Gunpowder works
An important collection of private photos of the Backbarrow gunpowder works, Cumbria.
Lake District, Backbarrow Blue Works
Aprivate collection of the uiltramarine works at Backbarrow. An important national collection.
Lake District, Anonymous Collection of photos
Large collection of photos retrieved from a tip.